The Rudy Awards ™ Program

The Rudy Awards ™ Program

The Rudy Foundation is excited to announce our national RUDY AWARDS Program. We will announce and highlight 2 RUDY AWARD Winners each year who exemplify the qualities of CHARACTER, COURAGE, CONTRIBUTION, AND COMMITMENT! The selected winners will receive a scholarship that may be used for education, sports, or the performing arts. Each RUDY AWARD winner will be highlighted in our media campaign, newsletters and promotions, and on our social media pages and website.

Rudy Award Program Criteria and Registration

1. You must register to participate. Grades 4-12 are eligible to participate. The deadline to register is October 15th. The Registration Fee is $25, and instructions for submission and your Registration Materials are below.

Register For The Rudy Award Program

Rudy Award Program Submission Process

After registering, download the registration materials at the bottom of this page and complete all steps described below. Then submit your work to: or Fax: 702-541-6013.

2. Complete the media release form, included in the registration materials below. Completed media release forms are due October 15, 2015.

3. Take the appropriate level of the Rudy Course. This will be determined after our staff reviews your registration form. We will email the link to you for the appropriate course.

4. Watch the RUDY movie.

5. Read the assigned RUDY book. This will be determined after our staff reviews your registration form.

6. Complete and submit your Individual Action Plan Form.

7. Write a 2-3 page essay – What is your plan to make a positive impact in your own life? What is your plan to inspire others every day? What is your Dream and what GOALS can you set to help get you get closer to your Dream? What struggles are you facing and how do you overcome them? Who are the mentors in your life and how have they inspired you?

8. Submit a 2-3 minute video discussing the important points of your essay. At the beginning of the video state your name, age, and school. Upload your video to YouTube, make sure that you mark it private so only those that you share it with can view it. You will need to submit the sharing url to or Fax: 702-875-4271.

9. Three nomination forms must be submitted on your behalf – from teachers, coaches, or mentors. Family members cannot submit nomination forms on your behalf as a Rudy Award Participant. Forms should be submitted to or Fax: 702-541-6013.

Download Registration Materials


Registration & Media Release Form and $25 fee are due October 15, 2015
Headshot photo due October 15, 2015
Rudy Course Completion Certificate due March 31, 2016
Completed Individual Action Plan due March 31, 2016
(2-3) Page Essay due March 31, 2016
(2-3) minute video due March 31, 2016
(3) Nomination Forms from teachers, coaches, mentors due March 31, 2016

All information should be submitted to or Fax: 702-541-6013.



Rudy Awards ™ Registration

DISCLAIMER: This Registration form is also a media release and gives permission to the RUDY FOUNDATION and the RUDY AWARDS PROGRAM to photograph and video tape all RUDY AWARD participants, and permission to use all submitted photos, videos, esays, nominations forms, and individual action plans in addition to any other information provided and decided to be necessary for the support and promotion of the RUDY AWARDS. The RUDY FOUNDATION is granted permission to use any materials and footage in any future media promotions such as but not limited to TV, radio, print, websites, programs, billboards, DVD, Blueray, all social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIN, and other marketing and promotional materials.

Initial to confirm you have read and accept the information above:

Contact us with any questions at

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