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The Mission of Rudy Foundation

In addition to being the mother of Jessica and Danny Ruettiger, one of Cheryl's biggest passions in life is helping children to become the best they can be...another strong passion is the performing arts. Bringing these forces together culminated into forming the RUDY FOUNDATION in 1997. As founder and executive director of the RUDY FOUNDATION (501c3, non profit organization), Cheryl's mission is to make a positive impact in the lives of both children and adults by sponsoring programs in the community for education, sports, and the performing arts, providing scholarships, and recognizing them through the RUDY AWARDS Scholarship Program... READ MORE »

The Rudy Awards ™ Program

The Rudy Foundation excited to announce our national RUDY AWARDS Program. We will announce and highlight 2 RUDY AWARD Winners each year who exemplify the qualities of CHARACTER, COURAGE, CONTRIBUTION, AND COMMITMENT! The selected winners will receive a scholarship that may be used for education, sports, or the performing arts. Each RUDY AWARD winner will be highlighted in our media campaign, on all of our social media pages, newsletters, promotions, and website.... READ MORE »

Become Part of Team 100

The First 100 businesses to donate $1,000 or more to the Rudy Foundation will become a member of team 100. The Rudy Foundation offers an A La Carte benefit program for all of our sponsors based on points received for various levels of sponsorship. This allows sponsors to design their own benefit package and choose the benefits that are most valuable to them... READ MORE »


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