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Hello Rudy, I wanted to let you know that I shared your story as a part of my Empowerment Seminar.  I gave a 4-hour Child Empowerment seminar for the staff at Chamberlain’s Children Center in Hollister, CA.  Their main service is a residential treatment facility for abused children.  During part of the training, I discuss a strategy for keeping ourselves encouraged and inspired by surrounding ourselves with positive, inspiring stories.  Of course, throughout the seminar I weave my own overcomer story as examples, but to kick off this section of the seminar, I shared your story.  I talked about the power of dreams and how they can anchor, guide and purpose our life.  I read some of the quotes from your website about the power of dreams.  There were tears and cheers as my seminar concluded and “we” brought the house down, as they say.  Several staff members talked later about how this was revolutionary thoughts for them, as they had never thought about helping the kids find their purpose, their dream.  It even affected them personally, as they hadn’t thought about their own dream in a long time.  

I had to share this with you, and ask your permission to use your story in future seminars.  It made a huge impact on the staff and I believe it truly encouraged them to keep doing what they’re doing, and to believe in the power of having a dream.

—  Maria Lynn Thomas, Author, Speaker, Overcomer

Having met Rudy and exchanging mutual philosophies, I find him to be an individual of exceptional character and broad goodwill. His resolve stands as a testament to the enduring belief that an individual can rise above extraordinary obstacles to achieve a positive result in this incredibly competitive world.

—  Sylvester Stallone

Mr. Ruettiger’s list of accomplishments and contributions speaks for itself. He serves as an excellent inspiration for our young people, an example that hard work and determination are the pathways to success.

—  Shelley Berkley, Congresswoman

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In spite of many obstacles, Rudy, has become a huge success. His personal motivation, perseverance and determination were major factors in his significant accomplishments. I witnessed his resolve firsthand as his college football coach.

—  Ara R. Parseghian, Coach

Rudy gave a presentation to the Lakewood Police Department and the West Metro Fire Protection District. With his charismatic and down-to-earth style, Rudy has given many the motivation they need to try again, to believe, to succeed. He is a man who simply exudes a “never-quit” attitude and indomitable spirit.

—  Gary R. Barbour, Chief of Police

Rudy has impacted millions of American lives by being an example of perseverance, determination, and diligence. He is a man that has shown strength of heart and amazing spirit in times that are not always kind. He has become an example of what people, young or old, can aspire to become.

—  Kenny C. Guin, Governor

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