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  • Rudy's Insights- BADGE 1

Introduction to the Four Life Success Principles

-       CHARACTER - A person of character makes the choice to do the right thing.  They are responsible for their actions.  They maintain a positive attitude.  They encourage others to be their best.  They live by a strong value system and a solid, unwavering belief system.  They show care and respect for other people and have high integrity.  They are fair, trustworthy, and a good citizen.

-       COURAGE - A person of courage is humble yet shows the strength, fortitude, and discipline to stand by their convictions especially when under pressure to compromise their values.  They focus on the positive side of life and have the faith and determination to persevere when things get tough.  When they get knocked down they get back up.

-       CONTRIBUTION - Giving back. Teamwork. Using your talents in a positive manner to make a difference (no matter how big or small) for a particular purpose, which ultimately is of benefit to the whole. 

-       COMMITMENT - Making the decision to follow through on a dream, goal, idea, or mission regardless of the challenges and obstacles.  Staying on Track.


  • Rudy's Insights- BADGE 2

Introduction to the Ten Primary Steps

1.  Be the Person You Want to Be - Make the decision to take action and move closer to your Dream.  Create daily success habits and surround yourself with information that will empower and inspire you.
2.  Use Anger in a Positive Way to Get Results - Anger is a normal reaction.  It’s what you do with anger that makes a difference in your life. Direct your anger towards a goal, use anger in a positive way to get results ... From anger comes determination, comes triumph.
3.  It Starts with a Dream - Visualize you Dream and make a commitment. Having a Dream is what makes life exciting.  Never underestimate the power of a Dream. It will change your life.  A Dream gives you the ability to determine your future.
4.  Eliminate the Confusion - Find mentors who encourage you. The right information will eliminate confusion.  Visualize exactly what you want to be. Believe in yourself and don’t let anything stop you.  Reinforce your Dream everyday with positive information from media, books, and mentors.  Each day you will get closer to your Dream.  Eliminate the confusion and fears, and make it happen.
5.  The Greater the Struggle, the Greater the Victory - Most people allow struggles and fear of failure to stop them.  The key is to learn from your struggles and move on.  Failures will make you stronger and give you the information you need to reach your Dream.  Struggle will prepare you for success.  
6.  Follow Your Passion Instead of Chasing the Dollar - There is nothing wrong with making money, but it’s important to focus on your passion instead of the dollar.  Decisions based on passion bring you closer to my goal, while decisions based only on money may take you away from the passion.  If you focus on what really fulfills you, you will have success.  The dollar alone does not bring happiness.  
7. Excuses Will Kill Your Dream - What we’re really talking about here is commitment.  Until you make a commitment to your dream, it’s not really a dream, it’s just another fantasy full of excuses.  Fantasies don’t come true because they are not real or possible, simply because we’re not committed to them.  When we make commitments, we eliminate excuses and they become Dreams.
8.  Prepare for Your Dream - Preparation is what comes from struggle.  Knowledge comes from preparation.  These are the elements that pave the road to your Dream.  If we do not prepare we will not succeed.  Set your goals, pursue, and persevere.  If you miss a goal, don’t quit, reset and refocus. 
9.  Focus on Your Dream and Never Quit - It is always too soon to quit.  If you quit, you can’t succeed. By achieving your Dream you will be an inspiration to others.  You will set an example and make an enormous impact on the world.  Make it happen.
10.  Always Have a Dream - Dreams give us energy to go to new levels in life.  Dreams change lives. The power of life is in your Dreams.


  • Rudy's Insights- CERTIFICATE 1

Upon completion of RUDY's INSIGHTS FOR WINNING IN LIFE Badge 1 and Badge 2, proceed with this Certificate.

Each of the following motivational videos is accompanied by a corresponding homework question requiring a response.


  • Rudy's Insights- CERTIFICATE 2

Continue upon completion of RUDY's INSIGHTS FOR WINNING IN LIFE- Certificate 1.


  • Rudy's Insights- CERTIFICATE 3

Continue upon completion of RUDY'S INSIGHTS FOR WINNING IN LIFE- Certificate 2





  • Rudy's Insights- CERTIFICATE 4

Continue upon completion of RUDY'S INSIGHTS FOR WINNING IN LIFE- Certificate 3


Rudy Award

Submit all necessary materials. This includes:

o   Registration Form

o   Photo/Headshot

o   Completion of all Badges and Certificates

o   Complete the Individual Action Plan Form

o   2-3 Page Essay – What is your plan to make a positive impact in your own life? What is your plan to inspire others every day? What is your Dream and what GOALS can you set to help get you closer to your Dream? What struggles are you facing and how do you overcome them? Who are the mentors in your life an dhow have they inspired you?

o   Submit a 2-3 minute Video- State your NAME, AGE, and SCHOOL. Discuss the important points of your essay. Email a link of your video to

o   3 Nomination Forms- from teachers, coaches, or mentors. Family members cannot submit nomination forms on your behalf.


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