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This course is for Middle School kids, families, and for all those aimed at making an impact in the lives of children. It is designed to open up communication, build relationships, and teach valuable lessons to middle school age children as they face many struggles and obstacles in their lives for the first time such as peer pressure, negative voices in their world, finding mentors to encourage them and beginning to understand how to set goals and achieve them. This course will help to develop a high self esteem and show kids the importance of integrity, discipline, accountability, and a strong character. This course will also be offered as part of the middle school portion of the Rudy Award Program.
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This course is for all COACHES AND TEACHERS of any age child or adult. It focuses on the RELATIONSHIPS between student/teacher and athlete/coach. It teaches the principals of integrity, accountability, character, and working together to achieve goals as a team, a class, and a family. These relationships are critical to the success of both the individual coaches, players, and students as well as the entire team or class. Once the course is completed, teachers and coaches will receive Rudy Certification with an opportunity to renew their certification annually. Being Rudy Certified will offer a unique credential that will provide parents, schools, and sports organizations with the confidence and security that they are hiring an individual with an enlightened sense of the values of Integrity, and Character necessary to teach and coach youth across America. Parents, School Administrations, and Sports Organizations will seek out those individuals who have earned a Rudy Certification to add them as a valuable member of their team.They will feel confident in your approach to working with their children and your ability to build self-esteem and make aa positive impact in their lives both on and off the field as well as in the classroom. The goal is positive interaction that inspires success for students, teachers, coaches, and parents. It takes a team.


This course is for High School age kids through adult. It would be perfect for any High School or College kid looking to set goals and discover their career path and gain inspiration to their potential goals and dreams. It is also for adults looking to gain insight to a new level in life, to discover another path, or just to become a more enlightened person and be more effective at what they do everyday! This course will also be offered for the high school portion of the Rudy Award Program.
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